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•|The Story|•
Title: Colum and Ashley
Colum and Ashley is an epic-length story set between the years 1860, 1891, and 2006. It is written in three parts, with two completed and one in the process of being written. As it is edited, it will be placed online, in chapter style.
Rating: overall R-NC17
Warning: mostly M/M and some M/F romance, violence, abuse, mentions of insanity, among others. So if any of these don't tickle your fancy, and you find your brain going "ew" don't even bother.

Colum and Ashley is © franklin and colored_image. Reproduction, distribution, or use of the content or characters of Colum and Ashley without express permission will be penalized. This means, if we suspect anything suspicious, we will hunt you down and steal your souls. We have the right to watch our members and make sure that they are being respectful to our piece of work by not stealing it or claiming it in any way.

Because of the rating and the ability some people have to steal a piece of work, and or its characters, this Community has a limited and very screened membership. We're not going to turn down serious readers but this community is mostly so that we can edit the three arcs and have them all together so they are easier to read.

We hate to be so strict about it but not everyone can be trusted. If you have requested to get in and your request was denied, check the list below to see if these might be the reasons, if they aren't and you still have no idea why you were denied, please feel free to contact either one of us and we'll be more than happy to tell you why or perhaps even reconsider.

Most common reasons for denied access:
o1. You're underage. (I hate to do it but there are ratings for a reason)
o2. You did not credit your icons or your layout(if you have one) or anything else that was made for your livejournal. If you can't be trusted to give credit to the rightful artist of the graphics that you're using, there is no way we can trust you with our work either.
o3. You've claimed things to be yours that aren't.
o4. You have bad history and we've been told to stand clear (black lists etc.)

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